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01 March 2018 0 Comments

Hospital Ochoa, a hospital with a heart

Hospital Ochoa renews its image and updates its brand.  The restyling or redesign has been carried out by the designer Raúl León, who has opted for the renewal of the logo and corporate identity, without losing anything of the essence and advantages that the previous one had achieved over the last 20 years.

But how can identity change without losing the essence? For that, the management team of Hospital Ochoa trusted León. The change has been a challenge and he feels satisfied with the result. “A radical change, but one that would not alter users or patients vision of Hospital Ochoa. You had to communicate values, but with an up-to-date look, given the generational leap of the last 20 years. ”

The management team gave clear instructions that allowed to identify the logo and brand: to convey the essential values of the hospital such as trust, safety and experience. The scope given for the job, recognizes Leon,  has been broad, “the management has given me very pondered and weighted instructions. Everything has been very well thought out. We have played within the guidelines up to the creation of the current brand. In order to reflect all of this in its values”.

And how was the process developed?  It was very important for Hospital Ochoa to reflect that word, hospital, within the entire deployment of the brand.  “It was a basic requirement, although there were different options, such as Hospital Clinica Ochoa, of just Ochoa, Ochoa Hospital until reaching the final name of Hospital Ochoa”.  The search for that name was the first step before going into the process of building the brand.  That was the premise.

The change in the brand has been radical, breaking with the image of the last 20 years, which has played an important role, but now the purpose was to be identified as a hospital. “There are people who do not realize the facilities that Hospital Ochoa has until they come to the premises and that has been the bet to be able to reflect it in advance.” An accessible hospital, family-friendly, with a heart, with the latest technological advances and the best trained professionals. And above all, there is our ongoing commitment in these last 20 years incorporating new and pioneering services, with the installation of operating theatres or the expansion of the hospitalization plant.

From the point of view of design, there have been many drastic changes, such as a clear-cut font, adapted to the generational change and making the new brand known as a hospital, more modern, according to our current times.

Raúl León has it clear:  “The ideal evolution of the hospital’s commitment would be that the brand was made recognizable by using the heart of Ochoa.”

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