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Saturday September 21st, 2019 0 Comments

Interview with Dr Myriam Barroso, from Hospital Ochoa’s podiatry service.

Feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies. They provide the balance we need in order not to fall over, they keep us upright, and they are in charge of walking. They are our shock absorbers and they help cushion all floor impacts. But do we give them the care and attention […]

Monday June 20th, 2016 0 Comments

MIS Surgery, the definitive treatment to correct lower limb deformities

MIS Surgery, “Minimally Invasive Surgery”, also known as “percutaneous surgery”, refers to a set of surgical techniques through small incisions, no greater than 5 mm, allowing access to deeper tissues and bone to perform corrections of various foot deformities. The peculiarity of this technique is that damage is minimal, as it uses specific instruments that […]