Pathological anatomy in Marbella Ochoa Hospital

Anatomic Pathology

Pruebas de patología quirúrgica y citopatología clínica, incluyendo estudios inmunohistoquímicos e inmunocitoquímicos.

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Especialidad de Anatomic Pathology

Pathology Department of Clinical Ochoa tests for surgical pathology and cytopathology, including immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry studies.



– Biopsies from any location with a special focus on dermatology, gastroenterology, and infectopatology oncopatology.

– Immunohistochemistry; hormone receptors and prognostic markers.


– Gynaecologic cytology (cervical-vaginal)

– General Cytology: Sputum, urine, body cavity effusion, washed, brushed, etc..

– FNA cytology puncture or palpable lesions in consultation by appointment.


In Marbella we are conducting pioneering studies Immunocytochemistry P16 (marker of viral integration) in conventional cytology and in the follow up on the evolution of the suspected sample.

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