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Especialidad de Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology and resuscitation is a medical specialty that takes care of techniques to avoid pain and protect patients from aggression before, during and after any surgical intervention. Among the objectives are the treatment of pain, both acute and chronic, to keep vital functions seriously compromised until the life-threatening situation is overcome.

In the service of Hospital Ochoa we take care of the anesthetic techniques necessary to perform any type of procedure, giving support to all the specialties that require anesthesia.

In the perioperative process, from the preoperative, the assessment is performed prior to surgery, the anesthetic risk and the most appropriate anesthetic technique is established for each patient and type of surgery.

Subsequently, we performed clinical surveillance of the patient throughout the surgery, as well as his postoperative and post-anesthetic recovery.

Hospital Ochoa has a team of qualified anesthesiologists capable of addressing the particularities of each of the surgical specialties, in addition to cases of major a Our specialists


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