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Especialidad de Angiology

The Angiology is the type of medicine that studies and treats the blood vessels.

There are three vessels part of the circulatory system: arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

For the study and treatment of circulatory problems, our specialists have a many specific and special tools to assist in this task, ranging from simple Tensiometer or a sophisticated diagnostic systems such as Magnetic Resonance Angiography or Lymphangiography by uptake through the most common and used Colour Doppler Ultrasonography.

The most common disease of the three is the vein and the part that treats venous problems is called Phlebology


Tests all problems associated with alterations of the venous system, either profound or superficial venous having insufficient pathology where more and more patients seek consultation and care by the comparing of telangiectasia (called spider veins) to the truncal varices or the venous ulcers dreaded.

Other common problems such as arterial obstructive and arterial disease (claudication), which results in poor quality of life for the patient, that obligates the patient for frequent and involuntary exercise.

The Lymphangiography studies and treats more frequent problems of the constituent lymphedema and lower limbs (legs of elephant), but that can also be affected by upper limb.


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