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Técnicas de esta especialidad, así como el seguimiento de pacientes.

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Especialidad de Cardiology

Ochoa Clinic includes techniques that are specific to this specialty, such as monitoring of patients with pacemakers, or arrhythmia clinic cardiovascular checks, allowing our team of professionals profound case study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.




Colour Doppler echocardiography

Ergometry Effort


The test is performed to determine the physical condition of the patient and to rule out cardiac pathologies. The body is exposed to physical exertion so that the specialist can analyse the body’s response.

Holter (Voltage Alterial)

Holter (ECG Testing)

Cardiology service

Arrhythmia clinic


Specially equipped and with the assistance of the Emergency Department of Clinical Ochoa for a quick diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias supported by the expertise available at our cardiology department.

Pacemaker Service

Monitoring patients with pacemakers. During the programming we provide all the basic material as well a portable defibrillator. We also have the programmer for Holter Inserts monitoring (Raveal and Reveal Plus).

Cardiovascular Check-up

Check-ups to help in early diagnose of cardiovascular diseases for immediate action. Recommended to men from the age of 40 and women after menopause and those who have such factors or are in risk of vascular (snuff, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes or a history of early heart disease within their family).

Ochoa Clinic offers the most advanced technology and medical tests to explore and assess the patient’s cardiovascular system. Depending on the results assisting in changing the patient habits for improved health, prescribe medication or recommend related technics of diagnose or therapeutics.

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