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Especialidad de Neurology

The Neurology study diagnoses and treats diseases that affect the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (nerves, muscles and neuromuscular junction).

These are some of the major neurological diseases:

Headache: Migraines, tension headache, cluster headache …


Epilepsy in all its forms and targeted general.

Memory problems and dementia: Alzheimer cognitive incipient deterioration…

Tremor and movement disorders:

Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor…

Control and secondary prevention of cerebrovascular pathology:Ictus ischemic, haemorrhagic stroke, carotid pathologies…

Systems Neuro-Ophthalmology: double vision, optic neuritis …

Dizziness, vertigo, balance disorders and gait disorders.

Diseases of the Spinal Cord: myelopathies.

Motor Neurons: Amyotrophic lateral.

Peripheral Nerve Diseases: Polyneuropathies.

Diseases of the neuromuscular junction: Myasthenia gravis.

Sleep Disorders: narcolepsy, sleep apnoea …

Other neurological diseases or chronic subagudas: disc herniation, canal stenosis…

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