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Especialidad de Otorhinolaryngology

Ultimate generation, sophisticated medical-technical equipment with diagnostic and therapeutic appliances that ensure maximum efficiency when specifying a diagnosis or obtaining a therapeutic result.

This unit treats absolutely all conditions covered by the specialty of Otolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Pathology, both in children and adults, divided into the following categories:

– Otology.

– Otoneurology.

– Audiology.

– Balance and dizziness.

– Rhinology and Allergy.

– Oro-pharyngo-laryngology.

– Voice and speech.

– Head, neck.

– Sleep and Snoring

We offer our patients a complete and extensive service in the treatment of nose, throat and ear; including diagnosis, treatment and surgeries for all ENT diseases.

Our medical team consists of 4 ear specialists.

  • Rhinology: nasal conditions, particularly allergic processes, and endonasal surgery.
  • Laryngology: diseases and disorders of the larynx that affect voice quality.
  • Otoneurology: diseases associated with vertigo such as Meniere’s syndrome and otoesclerosis causing alterations to hearing and secondary problems of chronic ear infections.
  • Audiology: conditions related to hearing, especially deafness and hearing loss (perceptive and receptive).

Treatments / Techniques:

– Study of and  treatment for snoring

– ENT Endoscopy V-HIT

– Study of the balance

– Functional Tests of ENT audiometry

– Impedanceometry with ENT reflections Surgery

– Snoring-surgery

– Functional nasal Surgery

– Laryngeal pathology surgery

– Pediatric ENT surgery

– Functional and reconstructive otologic surgery

– Laryngology:

Conditions and disorders of the larynx affecting the quality of the voice (polyps, nodules, edema).


Nasal infections (nasal respiratory failure, allergic processes, Endoscopic Surgery).

– Logopedia and speech:

Alterations in speech articulation.


Related to alterations in hearing (partial or complete loss of hearing).


Conditions associated with vertigo such as Meniere’s syndrome, chronic ear infections.

– Neck:

Surgical treatment of cysts and tumours.


Treatment of childhood and adult deafness with surgery.

Treatment of nasal and sinus tumours by endoscopic surgery, no external scars.

Treatment of nasal respiratory insufficiency via radiofrequency, under local anesthesia, without hospitalization.

Treatment of sleep apnea as an outpatient.

Snoring treatment by surgery.

Treatment of dysphonia (laryngeal polyps, laryngeal nodules, laryngeal edema) by surgery.

Treatment of tear duct obstructions by surgery under local anesthesia, without hospitalization.

Radio frequency adenoidectomy tonsillectomy without hospital stay.


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