Targeted treatment of prostate cancer

Focalised treatment of prostate cancer

(Español) En estos últimos años los avances en el mundo de la urología son apasionantes provocando una transformación en el enfoque del tratamiento del cáncer de prostata

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Focalised treatment of prostate cancer

The new approach of the urologist to treat prostate cancer with surgery removing the localized tumour without taking away the whole of the gland. A revolution compared to the techniques applied for years. Irreversible Electroporation IRE

Up to present, in prostate cancer when the prostate was diagnosed early, the gland was removed, with very good results from the oncological point of view, although the cases of patients suffering from impotence, incontinence or stenosis were high.

Thanks to the progress made in diagnostic imaging, specialists have concluded that if a tumour has been localized and its size is known, it can be removed with focal techniques without having to take away the entire gland.

There are already many centres working in focal therapy in Spain.  Hospital Ochoa takes a step further and joins progress in the use of pioneering and less invasive techniques when treating pathologies.


Advantages of Targeted Treatment of Prostate Cancer

This technique is based on the generation of an electric field that preserves blood vessels and nervous tissue to the maximum extent. The probability of preserving urinary and sexual function, avoiding cases of impotence, incontinence or stenosis, is greater therefore than in other treatments which, nevertheless have also been producing very good results from the oncological point of view.

Focal therapy treats only the damaged area, previously located thanks to magnetic resonance imaging. The technique of irreversible electroporation uses an electric field on the tumour that causes irreversible damage in cells that leads to a programmed cell death.

IRE does not require the hospitalization of the patient, who is discharged within a few hours after the procedure and goes home without urinary catheter or scar.

Explanatory video on focused treatment of prostate cancer. Irreversible Electroporation

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