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This diagnostic test is vital as it provides a moving picture of the heart.

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Clinica Ochoa offers diagnostics based on echocardiography, performed by our specialists in cardiology.    

This diagnostic test is vital as it provides a moving picture of the heart. By means of ultrasound, echocardiography provides information about the shape, size, function, heart strength, movement, and thickness of its walls and valve functions. In addition, it can provide information on the pulmonary circulation and its pressures, on the initial portion of the aorta, and also check if there is fluid around the heart (pericardial effusion).

Thanks to the use of ultrasound for imaging, an echocardiogram is a test that does not irradiate the patient (unlike other tests – X-rays, CT, etc.) so it can be performed on pregnant women. Other advantages are that it is not a painful test nor does it produce any side effects.  The technique is simple, the importance and difficulty lies in its interpretation, a conductive gel is applied on the chest of the patient or directly on to the transducer. The cardiologist moves the transducer over the patient to obtain different images and information about the chest. The test typically takes 15 to 30 minutes although it may be take longer.

It is therefore a fundamental test for all patients with heart disease or illness, as well as for anyone wishing to rule out possible heart conditions.