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Assisted Reproduction Unit

Our fertility specialists at Clinica Ochoa Hospital strive every day to help you in your quest to become a mother. To facilitate things, the first visit is now free and includes a semingram. In addition, we offer very competitive rates in all treatments such as in vitro fertilization, and offer attractive financing without interest.

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Service Assisted Reproduction Unit

IVF Ochoa

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In Vitro Fertilisation Clinic in Marbella.


Our modern and welcoming facilities will make you feel comfortable and safe.

We offer over 6,000 sqm in the center of Marbella, with emergency medical services, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Free first visit.

You are now closer to making your dream true. Come and see us without obligation. We would love to meet you and explain how we can help you in creating your family.

Interest-free financing.

We make your treatment more tolerable in every respect. We want to help; we offer to finance your treatment for up to 9 months without interest or for up to 20 months under very favourable terms.

 Hospital environment.

Your treatment handled by the very best professionals. You deserve the best possible guarantees, all our treatments are carried out in a hospital setting and with an emergency doctor available 24 hours.

 With the full support of Hospital Clinica Ochoa.

The modernised assisted reproduction unit at Hospital Clinica Ochoa in Marbella offers its patients the best personalized treatment and results in assisted reproduction in a hospital setting. Our team has 18 years of experience in private practice.


We, the fertility specialists in the Clinica Ochoa Hospital, strive every day to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

 For more information, visit our web www.fivochoa.com