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ReLEx Smile

Clinica Ochoa, Marbella - Malaga, has the most advanced laser technology on the market:  ReLEx smile. 

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This innovative technique which was developed by Carl ZEISS enables the correction of myopia and astigmatism whilst bringing enormous benefits to the patient. ReLEx smile is the safest, least invasive and most effective laser technique, undertaken via micro incisions to provide minimally invasive eye surgery.

This method reduces post-operative complications. It is a swift, simple and effective treatment. With the ReLEX smile technique, our ophthalmologists, highly specialized in refractive surgery, create a lenticule (a disc shaped lens) inside the intact cornea using a ZEISS femtosecond laser named VisuMax. This lenticule is then removed through a micro-2 mm incision, a tiny opening that substantially reduces the possibility of dry eye syndrome, the risk of infection and potential nerve damage.

It does not act on the outer layer of the cornea, but inside it; therefore, preserving the integrity of the front of the corneal structure and avoiding the most common complications of Lasik surgery – such as the displacement of the surface plate which is produced as a result of the circular incision made when cutting the superficial corneal nerves. These nerves, responsible for the production of tears, remain intact with the ReLEx smile technique.

The recovery period of the micro incision is quick and allows an almost immediate return to normal activity (going back to work, practicing sports, bathing, wearing makeup, etc …).

Otras técnicas además del Relex Smile  que se pueden realizar con el láser femtosegundo de Carl Zeiss


With this technique, undertaken entirely with the VisuMax ZEISS femtosecond laser, a lenticule is created inside the cornea, which is then extracted, not via a small micro incision but after making a superficial circular cut.


Involves lifting a flap by a process carried out 100% with the VisuMax ZEISS femtosecond laser.  Subsequently, the corneal tissue is reshaped by the Excimer laser, and the flap replaced without the need for sutures.

The advantages of a circular cut or flap performed with a femtosecond laser are:

Accuracy:  Fully computer generated precision cut in all aspects: its diameter, thickness, placement of the hinge (nasal, temporal, superior or oblique), selected angle of the peripheral edge …

Quality:  The basal surface of the cornea (where the Eximer laser will be applied) has a higher degree of regularity, unlike a cut performed manually.

Safety:  The incidence of complications when performing the corneal flap is minimized, allowing safe flaps to be made even in thin and weak corneas.