Ochoa Hospital check-up unit in Marbella

Services of general health check up unit

Our check-up unit offers a general health examination, which is, comprehensive and individualized, and which reviews the physical, psychological and social aspects that alter or may alter the well-being of a person in the future.

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Service Services of general health check up unit

To be as effective as possible, this review is customized and adapted to the unique characteristics of each patient.

A complete check-up is recommended every 2-3 years for anyone under 50 years of age, and on an annual basis if over 50.

In addition, there are specific programs that provide greater prevention (early screening programs), and periodical check ups (colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma; cardiovascular or genetic conditions).

  • Specific programs for early detection of illnesses
  • Personalized medical assistance by specialists in Internal Medicine
  • Medical checkups within 24 hours
  • All diagnostics tests are performed in our facilities

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