Odontopediatrics Unit of the Ochoa Hospital in Marbella

Pediatric Dentistry Unit

Pediatric dentistry is an area of specialization that deals with the oral care of pediatric patients.  Usually, children seeing a dentist or a stomatologist and are treated as outpatients. Having the full cooperation of the child is in this case is necessary and essential.

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As it happens to any adult, the dental chair can be unsettling, fostering feelings of insecurity that result in stress and anxiety.

It should be noted in addition that children because of their immaturity, especially younger ones, are not able to understand the need to have healthy mouth and gums to achieve a dazzling smile as adults.

In addition to the aesthetic importance of beautiful teeth, the mouth is a fundamental part of the body, essential for the proper nutrition that will help our children develop during childhood and teenage years.  That is, to help them grow healthy and strong.

<< A bad dental experience in childhood can dramatically compromise oral health for the rest of our life, being common to find in the dental chair adult patients who have not returned to the dentist, traumatized by a dental treatment of their childhood. >>

Unfortunately, certain pediatric patients, either by age or due to some pathology, require special care in the dental area.  They cannot be treated conventionally and require specific care.  In many cases, children can even require sedation to take away their anxiety/stress, or general anesthesia to receive dental treatment in a satisfying and safe manner.

Clinica Ochoa Hospital has created the Unit of pediatric dentistry, a benchmark in the Costa del Sol for this kind of treatments, meeting all standards of quality in a service like this. The unit has all pediatric and dental equipment to perform all these dental treatments in an operating room, in a sterile environment and safe for children.

This service requires specifically trained staff an not many clinics are equipped with the material and personnel to perform sedation in pediatric dentistry as part of the regular activity of the clinic.


Multidisciplinary dental center

A multidisciplinary dental center with odontologists, maxillofacial surgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists specialised in children.

It also incorporates the possibility of treatments for disabled patients or adults with special needs such as patients with Down Syndrome.  This service is also aimed at patients with behavioural disorders or cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy or psychomotor delays.

Many patients have already been treated by us and already enjoy good oral health. The key is coordinating a collaborative multidisciplinary team collaborating with dental clinics and associations of various kinds in the Costa del Sol.


The Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry recommends extreme precautions in pediatric patients.   The practice of pediatric anesthesia at this level should be performed by an anesthesiologist in the following cases:

* Children under 5 years.

* Children with cardiovascular disease.

* Children under anticonvulsant therapy.

* Children receiving treatment with opioids or other sedatives.

* Children with behavioural disorders