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Citizenship                             British

Qualifications                                   BM      1984    University of Southampton

FRCS    1989    Edinburgh

FRCS    1989    London

CST      1995    European Economic Community

CCST    1996    General Medical Council

MD      1999    University of Manchester

Prizes and Awards                Nestle Travelling fellowship (1982 – Papua New Guinea)

British Transplant Society Travelling Fellowship (1993 – Greece)

Royal College of Surgeons Travelling Fellowship (1993 – Pittsburgh)

St John’s Ambulance Travelling Fellowship (2000 – Mayo Clinic)

Specialisation                                   General Surgery (day case and minimally invasive surgery)

MD in Surgical Science         Tonometry in Small Bowel Transplantation

Management                         Managing Director, Specialist Medical Group Ltd, Gibraltar

Professional Organisations  Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Member of the Association of Surgeons

Member of the British Transplant Society

Member of the Colegio de Medicos, Malaga

Member of the British Hernia Society

Member of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (ALSGBI)



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Over 40 presentations or co-authored presentations to surgical and transplant conferences in the UK, USA, Japan, India and France on a variety of subjects ranging from surgical audit, basic science, transplantation and general surgical clinical work.

Consultant Posts Held

2008 – present   Consultant General Surgeon and Director, British Surgical Clinic (part of Specialist Medical Group Ltd), Gibraltar and Costa del Sol

2008 – present   Managing Director, Specialist Medical Clinic, Gibraltar

2005 – 2008   Senior Consultant General Surgeon, St Bernard’s Hospital Gibraltar

2002-2005       Consultant General, Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary, Endocrine, Renal Failure and Transplant Surgeon, Western Infirmary and Gartnaval Hospital, Glasgow

2001-2002       Locum Consultant General and Transplant Surgeon, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

2001                Visiting Fellow in Laparoscopic Urology, Cleveland Clinic, USA

2000-2001                  Honorary General and Transplant Surgeon, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust, London

1996 – 2001    Senior lecturer (Associate Professor) in General, Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgery, Penninsular Medical School, UK

Summary of Post Graduate Training

1996                Hepatic and Renal Transplant Unit and HPB unit, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

1995 – 1996    General, laparoscopic and Endocrine Surgery, St John’s Hospital West Lothian

Clinical Tutor / Registrar in Surgery University of Manchester

1995                Visiting fellow University of Pittsburgh Transplant Institute, USA

1994 – 1995    General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary

1992 – 1994    MD Research. Manchester University Dept of Surgery and Immunology

1991 – 1992    General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary

Registrar – Central Manchester Rotation

1990 – 1991    Urology, General and Vascular Surgery, Bury General Hospital

1990                Vascular, Bariatric and Hepatobiliary Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary

1989                General and Colorectal Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary

1989                General, Vascular and Urology, Tameside general Hospital

1987 – 1989    Rotating SHO, Portsmouth, Hampshire Renal Transplant, Urology and General Surgery

1986 – 1987    SHO – Orthopaedic Surgery / A & E Medicine, Royal United Hospital, Bath

1986                Anatomy Demonstrator, University of Southampton

1985-1985      SHO – Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Royal Hants County Hospital, Winchester

1985                JHO – General Surgery &Orthopaedics, Royal Hants County Hospital, Winchester

1984 – 1985    JHO – General Medicine and Dermatology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon